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Now you can offer all your services anywhere in the world. Thanks to our wide variety of services like localization, including translation, database managmenet, DTP, design and quality assurance, anyone will understand what your offer is and what you can do for your clients. You and your clients from other countries will perfectly get along thanks to localization. And that’s what it’s all about: a smoothly running business is in fact just mutual understanding between all parties involved.

Translations & Localization

You need more than just an ordinary translation for introducing your product or website to the world. Localization is about customizing your product according to the standards of the chosen target language and its cultural norms while focusing on the market. Therefore it guarantees the correct comprehension of your message in other cultural environments.

DTP & Design

Desktop publishing (DTP) & design visually promotes your thoughts and the information you want to share as well as it enables spreading the image of your brand. With the use of professional Adobe products like InDesign or FrameMaker we publish your content in a printable format – PDF or eBook, we can create a Blog or Website for you.

Database management

By creating and maintaining databases we ensure coherence and consistency in your projects which are related to your business. The translation memories create not only secure a unified terminology in your texts, but they also lower your cost and save time in general.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance should be a must for all your products. Quality is a matter of prestige and therefore it comes before the price. Our professionally trained QA operators eliminate all the errors and ensure that your brand is perfectly represented on the market.

Project Management

Up to 40% of projects fail because of wrong planning, unclear instructions bad deadline setup. Get rid of all these worries, save your precious time and let us plan the most effective course of your project. Based on your analysis and requests we will plan each and every step so your project will be delivered according to your wishes and of course by the requested deadline.

Content creation

Creation of presentation material, marketing campaign, or web pages for your products – it is the first step to success. For your product to be sellable and different from the others, you need to have high quality content in your marketing material – it has to aim for the target group and it has to be SEO optimized for search engines like GOOGLE. We know how to do it.

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Our Workflow

After being more than eight years in the localization business we have learnt that every project requires a different approach in order it to be successful and delivered on time. We managed to summarize our processes so that you, our client, has a clear idea of the phase the project is in at anytime.


A thorough check of your data and request. Project planning and suggestion of the best price.


Data preparation for translation or other processes.


The text translations are done by native speakers.

DTP & design

Adaptation of the translated data according to the source design.


Careful revision of your data, so that the final product is of the highest quality.


Delivery in your reuqested format by your requested deadline.

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